How to Sell Property on Social Media Using Renders [With Case Studies]

By Justin Bourn January 14, 2019

For the last several decades the property development industry has relied on traditional marketing channels to generate leads and sales for their projects – […]

Unimagined: Australia’s First Architectural Visualisation Conference

By Justin Bourn December 17, 2018

Blank Canvas are proud to announce the formation of Australia’s very first Architectural Visualisation conference – Unimagined.   Inspired by the success of similar […]

4 Major Time Delays in Creating 3D Renders & How to Avoid Them

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Whether it’s for a residential, mixed-use or large-scale commercial development, 3D rendering is a critical part of the design, development and marketing of a […]

How To Use Visual Content To Win on Social Media in Property – Part 2

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How To Use Visual Content To Win On Social Media In Property – Part 1

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The CGI Dilemma: Is Your Perception of Reality Holding You Back?

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Example: Render left, Photo right.   3D rendering has become a must-have in the ultra-competitive market of project development – but our perceptions of […]

Why The Traditional 3D Rendering Process Is Broken, And What New Tech Can Do About It

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Bringing a project’s vision to life can be one of the most exciting, yet difficult, parts of property development – that’s why new technology […]

The Blue Skies Debate: Does Realism or Idealism Make Better Project Images?

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  The ‘Blue Skies’ debate has been a controversial topic in project marketing for a long time, and it begs the question: what makes […]

Instagram for Property and Architecture: Make Your Mark in 9 Steps

By Justin Bourn October 15, 2017

Learn how to grow your Instagram following and leverage it in the fields of architecture, design and property development.

Make More and Spend Less on Real Estate Marketing

By Justin Bourn September 11, 2017
Content Marketing for Property Developers

The data is clear: developers who are using content marketing (blogs, social media, etc.) in their marketing mix are seeing an increase in sales, a lift in brand reputation, and sometimes even selling-out projects in record time.