How To Use Visual Content To Win on Social Media in Property – Part 2

Posted by Justin Bourn

As social media grows in popularity, it has become crucial for property marketers and developers to implement innovative tactics to reach their target market on the channels they use the most. But, in the competitive property industry, what tools you use to reach your audience can be the difference between gaining leads or remaining stagnant.

One of the best ways for developers and property marketers to reach their audience is through the use of captivating project imagery – such as 3D renders. In our last article, we discussed some of the best tactics we’ve used when using property renders as successful content items on social media, and the results they garnered.

To take it one step further, property marketers need to understand that some social media platforms come with built-in tools that can be used to engage with an audience and garner the best response for your marketing goals. Facebook, for example, has one particular tool that is crucial for success in the property industry: Facebook Canvas.


What is Facebook Canvas?

Similar to an Instagram story, Facebook Canvas is a mobile-optimised tool that allows users and brands to create instant-loading full-screen experiences with a combination of video, images and product content. A Canvas is described as a fully-customisable digital space on which to build multimedia stories.

Facebook users can scroll through a company’s mini-landing page and discover carousel images, videos and external content available through clickable buttons.

Effectively a full-page ad display, Facebook Canvas helps to extend the short attention span of social media users and create an immersive digital story unique to your brand and customer.


Why is this tool a property marketer’s dream?

Facebook Canvas is highly effective for branding because of its ability to leverage multiple types of content at once, including text, images and video. This is crucial in property marketing, where you’re trying to market all aspects of a property in order to sell a lifestyle and get the potential purchaser to visualise themselves living in a development.

With the ability to utilise all forms of content – video, text and images – property marketers can craft a complete story of a development, and ensure that all key marketing messages are captured while still offering the audience an interesting and engaging user experience.

Your audience view your content as a full-screen experience, which captures their interest for several minutes, rather than potentially scrolling past onto other updates. As a developer, the ability to capture a potential purchasers interest – even for a few minutes – is a crucial step to building a brand and becoming known within the market.

By releasing engaging visual content on a platform like Facebook Canvas, property marketers can begin to build relationships with their target market, which should be a key part of your overall content marketing, digital marketing and branding strategy.

Facebook Canvas is also versatile enough to be used as a way to warm up leads, or to introduce new potential purchasers to a particular project or developer. By using such attention-grabbing visual tools, the emphasis is put on capturing users’ attention and it is a good first step toward building an engaged and interactive online community.


Who else is using Facebook Canvas?

Since the launch of Facebook Canvas, several large-scale international brands have signed up to the service, including Burberry, Coca Cola and Asus. Each of these brands uses the tool for different purposes including a holiday gift look-book, special launch series and interactive product history.

See below an example of a Facebook Canvas Ad from Volkswagen.


How do we use Facebook Canvas?

Our projects revolve around storytelling. We introduce our clients’ buildings and developments by explaining the vision and expectations of space. Facebook Canvas helps bring these visions to life and give social media users a look into our industry and what we hope to create.

One of our most recent Facebook Canvas Ads received over 2.5k likes and was seen 429,356 times. The content had an average view time of 20 seconds, which proves incredible engagement in the fast-moving social media sphere where most users are continually scrolling past traditional advertisements or branded content.


Our Facebook Canvas Results

  • Seen 429,356 times
  • Average view time of 20 seconds


Facebook Canvas: Blank Canvas Studios

Tap below to see the Facebook Canvas that shows the world who we are and what we do.

Facebook Canvas: Treehouse

Tap below to see a Facebook Canvas that showcases one of our recent development projects, called Treehouse. Developed by Stirling Capital and designed by MJA Architects.


Facebook Canvas can transform your marketing campaign when it comes to cutting through the noise on social media. In a crowded market and with competitors vying for your audience’s attention, it’s imperative to take an innovative approach and start using new tools that have the power to transform your social following into potential leads.

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Justin Bourn

Justin Bourn

Justin Bourn is director of Blank Canvas who specialises in 3D visualisation images for architectural, interior design and property marketing.
Justin Bourn