Virtual Reality Experiences


Beyond architectural visualisation and 3D renders, we create immersive 3D virtual tours that bring unbuilt designs to life.

Our 3D walkthrough virtual tours allows buyers to walk through any architectural design in VR, at human scale, making for an informative, emotive and memorable experience.

We create immersive, architecturally accurate VR architectural experiences and 3D walkthrough virtual tours that deliver tangible sales results.


Architecturally accurate 3D Virtual Tours

While renders and floor plans are integral to the sales process, 3D virtual tours enable buyers to experience architectural and interior design in virtual reality, enhancing their understanding of the space beyond traditional renders and floor plans.


From vision to virtual reality

Bringing ocean, river or treetop views to life in photorealistic 3d virtual tours is compelling when it comes to selling the dream.


Curated design

Interactive tools like finishes and upgrade selectors help buyers compare and contrast to curate their perfect new home in virtual reality.


When experiencing ‘in headset’ VR architecture, buyers can appreciate views and understand the spatial context of their prospective new home with a level of immersion simply not possible with floor plans and renders.


Our digital design team, specialising in VR architecture, creates intuitive menus and interfaces that enable users to navigate virtual environments, adjust lighting, select finishes and interact with objects with ease.


Powered by Vection Technologies, global leaders in XR technology, we continue to drive innovation architectural visualisation as a VR studio delivering exceptional 3D walkthrough virtual tours and VR experiences across Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, and across the globe.

Benefits of VR in real estate
  1. Attract and inspire your buyers
    Capture and captivate your clientele with immersive virtual reality presentations. Showcase your development seamlessly, transcending geographical constraints. Be a pioneer in innovative design, bringing your development directly to your buyers, providing a consistent and immersive experience beyond traditional display suites. 
  2. Improve sales conversions 
    Elevate your sales strategy with virtual reality—an invaluable tool for converting prospects. Immerse potential buyers in a lifelike experience, offering a nuanced understanding of architectural visualisations within the context of space, views, and the impact of lighting throughout the day.
  3. Deliver unparalleled service through customised offerings
    Immerse buyers in a bespoke experience with virtual reality, enabling unparalleled customisation. Beyond conventional scheme boards, users can effortlessly choose custom finishes and flooring, all without the need for physical materials. Showcase every detail, transcending geographical boundaries for an unparalleled buyer engagement, regardless of their location. Explore the diverse benefits of VR in delivering customised, innovative services that set your real estate offerings apart in the market.
Augmented reality and real estate

Augmented reality (AR) transforms the real estate industry by overlaying digital information onto the physical world. Through smartphones or AR devices, potential buyers can access real-time property details, pricing, and amenities, enhancing the viewing experience. AR also revolutionises marketing materials, creating interactive presentations for a more dynamic representation of real estate offerings. In essence, AR seamlessly integrates digital data into the physical environment, revolutionising how individuals interact with real estate information. Embrace the innovative combination of augmented reality and real estate for a cutting-edge approach to property exploration and marketing.

Virtual reality in real estate

Virtual reality (VR) in the real estate refers to the use of immersive digital simulations to create lifelike property experiences. It enables prospective buyers to virtually explore properties, including luxury apartments, through interactive 3D environments. VR technology provides a realistic and detailed preview of spaces, allowing users to visualise layouts, amenities, and design options as if physically present. This enhances the decision-making process by offering a comprehensive and engaging perspective, reducing the need for physical site visits. VR is employed to create virtual property tours, facilitate remote collaboration among stakeholders, and elevate marketing efforts, contributing to a more efficient and captivating real estate experience. Embrace the transformative power of virtual reality in real estate for a cutting-edge approach to property exploration and presentation.

Virtual reality for developers

Developers can leverage virtual reality (VR) technology to enhance apartment development projects by creating immersive virtual walkthroughs and experiences. By developing VR simulations of apartment layouts, amenities, and common areas, developers can provide potential buyers or renters with a realistic and interactive preview of the property. This allows stakeholders to explore the space, visualise different design options, and make more informed decisions. Additionally, VR can be used for collaborative design reviews, enabling teams to remotely collaborate on the project. Integrating VR technology into the development process can streamline decision-making, improve communication, and ultimately contribute to more successful and engaging apartment developments.

Augmented reality real estate examples

The following case studies and examples of augmented reality real estate in action within sales with prospective buyers, investors and stakeholders.  


Future of Real Estate in VR

The future of real estate in a virtual reality (VR) context holds transformative potential, enabling immersive and remote property experiences. VR technologies are poised to revolutionise property viewing, design collaboration, and buyer engagement. Virtual property tours, 3D modelling, and VR-enhanced presentations will become commonplace, offering buyers the ability to explore properties from anywhere in the world. This shift can streamline decision-making processes and enhance property marketing. Additionally, VR could redefine urban planning and architectural design by providing a realistic preview of spaces before construction. As VR technology continues to advance, the real estate industry is likely to witness a paradigm shift, with virtual experiences playing a pivotal role in shaping the future of property transactions and development.

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