Why You Should Engage an Interior Stylist for Your Next 3D Project

Posted by Justin Bourn

We’ve previously discussed ways to help ensure your 3D Visualisation project or CGI is on-time and meets your brief – including how to provide great feedback and common mistakes in the production process – but if you want to take your project to another level, we highly recommend you engage the services of an interior stylist.

Many people expect their 3D visualisation company to style furniture, but unless they specifically say so (some might have staff trained in this area), interior styling isn’t their specialty.

Engaging a professional stylist can make a huge difference to the look and impact of your final product. After all, you wouldn’t engage a 3D visualisation company to style your finished apartment – so why expect your 3D visualisation company to choose the furniture in your CGI’s?

Why Engage an Interior Stylist?

  1. Simply, they can help create a better result. Through providing their focused attention on your project and specialty. We believe in bringing together experts in their fields to deliver the best results for our clients.
  2. They can assist with creating a great brief. We recommend our clients engage an interior stylist to start the styling process prior to engaging a 3D visualisation company. Through mood boards and furniture selections, an interior designer can help to set clear expectations and vision, which can assist with clarifying direction when it comes to your brief. After all, the clearer the brief, the better the final result will be. Below is an example.

3. They will tailor to your brief/style. As mentioned, we believe in bringing together experts in their fields to deliver the best results. A stylist will ensure unique, tailored styling for your project, compared to the recycled décor you might get if you leave your styling to the 3D visualisation company (after all, your 3D visualisation company should be focussed on your 3D project, not your styling).

4. They can help with potential partnerships. A good interior stylist could be able to help set-up partnerships with furniture companies to sell furniture packages. This can add an extra level to your project marketing.

Choosing an Interior Stylist

Some 3D visualisation companies will have an in-house interior stylist – but many don’t. A good interior stylist will be able to style your apartment with thought, intention and a thorough understanding of marketing, finishes and trends. Ask your 3D visualisation company if they have any recommendations of interior stylists they have worked with previously – and always ask to see the interior stylist’s portfolio of previous work samples so you get an insight into their work before engaging them.

Bringing on an interior stylist might seem like an extra step for some – and the cost-conscious might shy away from the additional expense – but think of it this way: your reputation, and the success of your project and business rest not only on the work that is put in, but the visual impact of the final product. Overall, our recommendation is to engage your own interior stylist to ensure a top quality finish.

Example project, 60 Bathurst St, Sydney, Design by Smart Design Studio.

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Justin Bourn

Justin Bourn

Justin Bourn is director of Blank Canvas who specialises in 3D visualisation images for architectural, interior design and property marketing.
Justin Bourn